Period: March 01, 2016 to March 7, 2016 in retail chain "ALMI".

Conditions of the contest:

  1. Buy "Be Healthy" products.
  2. Make a family photo with "Be Healthy" products.

For the contest portrait photos are accepted with the image of the family (more than one person in the frame) with the presence of the product "Be Healthy" in the frame and/or on the background of the product "Be Healthy".

1 family can send only 1 photo!

The idea of the contest is to wish health to all the families and the people of the Republic of Belarus. The competition is open to everyone who meets these requirements, regardless of gender and age. The brightest photo-wishes can gather more likes!

Added photos must be of high quality and suitable for posting on the Internet

  1. Add a photo in the "ALMI" group in VKontakte.
  2. Gather as much "likes" as you can!
Winners are determined each competition day: from 1 to 7 March 2016.

"Likes" for the previous day are counted on the next day till 10.00.

  1. Get one of the seven prizes from ABC company!

The contestants whose photographs will take 1st place by voting in social networks will be the winners! The winners will get special prizes (a set of "Be Healthy" products manufactured by "ABC" company in a gift basket); Also the photos will be published on corporate website ( in "News" section!

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