the 2nd half of the 4th millennium BC, Egypt and Syria
The advent of the first glass vessel.
1809, France
Nicolas Appert, “father of canning”, got the prize of 12,000 francs from the French government for a method of food preservation by sterilization.
1810, England
Peter Durand suggested the use of a tin can for packing of preserved products
Early XIX century, Scotland
The advent a glass jar. J. Keiller invented to package his orange marmalade in wide-mouthed glass jars.
1812, England
In the town of Bermondsey, the first cannery was established
1944 г.
The invention of well-known packing in the form of a tetrahedron Tetra Pak.
August 16, 1995, Belarus
Establishment of the company «ABC».
Opening of the line for the production of foodstuff. The first products produced by our company were: horseradish, mustard, pickled and salted mushrooms.
Opening of branches and storage facilities in each regional center of Belarus.
Start working relationship with the neighboring countries and beyond (Ukraine, Russia, Germany, and Israel)
October 2003
The first delivery to the United States.
Completion of the new cannery.
Release of natural juices in Tetra Pak (Orange, Pineapple, Tropical, Grape, Tomato), as well as of three species of birch sap in a glass bottle.
April 2005
Entry into juice market. Release of three types of birch sap (birch sap with sugar, birch and cherry, birch with rose hip) in bottles of 750 ml. and 3-liter jars.
May 2005
Release of five kinds of natural juices (Tropical, Orange, Pineapple, Grape, Tomato) in 1 liter Tetra Pak.
December 2005
Development of a new brand “Gryadka” (“Garden-bed”) and release of new products (Mayonnaise in 200g bags: Minsky, Slaviansky, Yevropeysky; Ketchup in 200g bags: Tomatny, Classichesky, Krasnodarsky, Mexicansky; Mustard in 180g jars: Russian, Siberian, Polish; Pickled cucumbers of 720g and 950g)
March 2006
Release of a completely new type of mustard (French, Bavarian). The basis of the product is mustard seeds instead of mustard powder.
Products of “ABC” have just rewards of prestigious national and international competitions of foodstuffs.
May 2008
Entry into market of line of natural fruit and vegetable juices in glass bottles of 0.73 / 0.3 l (Carrot, Carrot and Orange, Carrot and Apple, Apple and Carrot, Pumpkin and Apple).
June 2008
Launching of carbonated beverages (lemonade, cream soda, Buratino, drink with flavor of kvass ABC Monastyrskiy).
February 2009
Release of 100% natural juices in the premium segment in 1 liter Tetra Pak Prisma packaging.
February 2009
Launching of juice drinks “ABC Vitamins”: apple and orange, apple and lemon, apple and peach, apple-grapefruit-pineapple.
February 2009
Release of tomato paste under the trademark “ABC” in glass jars of 950 ml.
March 2009
Release of ketchup “Shashlychny”, “Bulgarsky”, “Tomatny”, “Mexicansky” in the PET bottle under a new trademark “Don Pedro”.
January 2010
The first delivery to Kazakhstan.
May 2010
Launching of tomato sauces: “K shashliku”, “Krasnodarsky”, “Tomato” under the trademark “ABC” in 450 ml glass jars.
September 2010
Commissioning of fruit and berries, and vegetable products plant. Production of fruit and berry semi-finished products preserved aseptically (puree).
September 2011
Launching of mayonnaise “Smachny” and “Provansal” horseradish “Russkiy” under the trademark “Boyarsky product.”
November 2011
The first delivery to Moldova.
December 2011
Launching of new types of ketchup with the addition of apple puree in finnpack under the trademark “Boyarsky” (“Tomato”/ Tomatnyy, “Barbecue Grill”/ “Shashlychnyy gril’).
January 2012
Launching of a new line of juice drinks in Tetra Pak 1L, Tetra Pak slim 0.2 L under the trademark “Be healthy! / Bud’ zdorov!” (Apple with pulp, apple and banana, apple and peach, fruit mix).
February 2012
Launching  of a new product – the choice of fruit puree “Be Healthy/ Bud’ zdorov”, “Family / Dlya vsey sem’i “, “Give me / Day-ka ” under the trademark “ABC” in glass jar of 280g, 450g, 190g respectively.
March 2012
Production of fruit butter, toppings and precooked fruit-berry mass.
November 2012
The first delivery to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.
February 2013
Market launch of canned green peas and corn.
March 2013
Launching of mayonnaise “European / Yevropeysky ” in glass jars of 900 g.
April 2013
Commissioning of a new heavy-duty line of pouring juice in Tetra Brik.
May 2013
Market launch of mayonnaise “Olive / Olivkovyy ” and “Provencal / Provansal” under the trademark “ABC” in new packaging Doypack.
May 2013
Development of new kinds of sauces and mustard under the trademark “ABC”.
May 2013
The development of a new line of premium class juices in glass bottles of 250 g. (Orange, multifruit, apple, tomato).