«ABC» company is a domestic Belarusian producer of foodstuffs. Since 1995, we have been developing our production and directing our efforts to meet people’s needs for high-quality and healthy products.

Availability and openness:

The consumer chooses brands and the products he trusts. His preferences, standard of well-being, the pace of life and habits are changing, but the availability of products of “ABC” company on his table has remained unchanged for many years.

Selection of products from “ABC” by a buyer is one of the most important, decisive factors for the development and expansion of our product line. The demand for and availability of our products in the trading network of the Republic of Belarus as well as our repeatedly awarding in various consumers’ preference competitions (the “Product of the Year”, “Choice of the Year», «World Food» etc.) – is a significant incentive for the entire team of the company.

“ABC” is a brand that is trusted in the Republic of Belarus!

Development and progress:

Juices and juice drinks, mayonnaise, ketchup, horseradish and mustard, preserved food and drinks, this is not a complete list of products manufactured by our company. Modernization and extension of manufacturing capacity, technological innovations, and Quality Management Implementation System are the essential components for us as for one of the leaders in the production of foodstuffs in the Republic of Belarus.

There is no progress in the development of the company without any connection between production technologies, diligence and professionalism of the team and respect for the consumer. The stages of development of our company are positive confirmation of the above. Starting from a small company we have grown to a serious organization and gained confidence of buyers in a saturated and extremely competitive market.



Информация по телефону:
+375 (29) 67-25-366
+375 (29) 62-55-796